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stadia controller keeps disconnecting

Hey guys,


I have been using stadia from day 1 and have been loving it. The last few weeks however I have been running into the issue of my stadia controller continuously disconnecting every 10-15 minutes.


I cannot figure out what may be wrong as like I said I have been using it problem-free for almost a year.


My wifi is always good with well over 100mbps always. I have tried doing a full-on factory reset with the controller and it continues to drop off from the connection. If I play with a mouse and keyboard on a computer it works perfect but both of my Chromecast ultras that I own both have the same issue where the controller disconnects...


Any advice on things to try?



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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Hi @Haggoth 

due to the fact that you tried a lot of things alreadyI I what say the next step is to contact the Stada support directly. (

Maybe they know more about this specific behavior of your controller.

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