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X button opening stadia in-game menu (Xbox 360 controller)

Hi everyone,

So I'm having this issue where whenever I hit the X Button it opens the Stadia In-game menu on my Xbox 360 controller (just like if I was hitting the the Xbox button or Shift+Tab). So I can't use the X button basically wich prevents me from playing.Also happens with another third party controller.

Anybody else had the same issue and could help ? Or maybe know a way to remap the controller settings ?

Thanks !

I'm playing on a PC, windows 10 and it happens with different games.  

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

@Monplaiz I don't have a 360 controller, but on the Xbox One controller there's no issue. Do you have any other controllers by any chance? Also, which device are you using the controller on, and is it wired or through bluetooth?

Please @mention when replying to me, so I can get notified
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Stadia Player
Stadia Player

I'm having the same issue, but instead of the X button it's the A button. Xbox Wireless Elite controller. Worked fine earlier.

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