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Wifi password changed / can't connect controller

Hi Guys ! 

Ive searched the internet and did every possible things, but as the subject says, i cannot connect my controller anymore after changing password.

For adding this, we also changed also the possiblilty to have IPv6.

The setup goes untill I put my password, then it says , can't connect to the wifi.

I do use the right wifi, also the right password.

2.4&5ghz is chosen by router. But tablet was on 5ghz when connecting.

Also tried on phone, no difference.

Any help? 

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Hey @DreiKiekens,

maybe your controller has a "hiccup" after this password change, in which case I would recommend to try to factory reset the controller. This will reset the WiFi connection anyway and after that, you could try again to connect it with these instructions.

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worked ! thanks !

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