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Stadia controller doesn't work wired in game

I connect Stadia controller to my phone (Pixel 3) with USB-C. In the controller screen it says the controller is linked. I can move in the menu screen with the controller, choosing games to start.

However, when game start and it requires "Push Any Button" or "Press A to start", it doesn't respond at all when I press buttons.

I had no problem connecting Stadia Controller and my phone before.  I did it and played the game with the same USB-C cord and controller to my same phone.

I tried to factory reset the controller but still same.

  • Controller is linked
  • This is wired
  • I cannot use the controller in-game
  • I could play before but I cannot anymore
  • Factory reset didn't work
  • I can use the controller no problem on wifi with Chrome Cast Ultra in my home

I appreciate any help. I want to play Stadia outside of my home, but I cannot do it because I cannot connect my controller wired.



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I'm having the exact same issues! 

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