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Stadia Controller not working in other games



I'm trying to use my Stadia controller in other games (namely GTA V and AC Unity) but they don't seem to properly recognize the controller. in GTA it's not recognized at all (but that might be because of the game since it doesn't always recognize my other controllers either). However, AC Unity does recognize the controller but then the mappings are all wrong. It seems like B, X, and Y are swapped around and some of the triggers are mapped to different buttons too.

Is there a way to make sure games actually properly interpret the button presses?



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Here are two options I've found:

  • u/cmr333 on Reddit suggests using XOutput to set up keybindings.
  • u/reverend_dak on Reddit suggests setting it up as a "generic gamepad," then handing the keybindings in whatever game has problems.


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