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Problem with connecting 2 stadia controllers.

I am trying to play local 2 player in MK11. 

But I can not get two controllers to work. I have both connected but can only use the first controller. 

DoI need two accounts or what is the problem here. Can anyone help? 

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Yes, I believe you need two accounts, as each connected controller prompts for an account sign-in, if both are same account it's registering first controller as primary, but it doesn't work for two player function, use Stadia app to link another Gmail/Google account to your Chromecast to link to your Stadia app/add to Chromecast account list for that specific Chromecast, needs to be done separately on separate Chromecast Ultra (only currently supported model for Stadia) respectively. I hope this helps! Happy gaming!

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Hey @Azazel,

no you don't need two accounts for local coop in MK11, you just need one account, the game itself and two controllers.

This is how it works for me and my BF:

  1. Start Stadia on your TV and choose your account.
  2. Start MK11 on Stadia.
  3. To connect the second controller, press the menu-button on your current controller which should open the menu on the right hand side. If you go there to "Controllers" you should be able to connect your second controller there with this linking-code.
    • Another option here would be to start the second controller and usually Stadia is recognizing the second controller then, so you only need the linking-code and then this one is connected.

P.S.: Check also if both controllers are fully loaded and not empty (regarding the "battery"), because if they are empty this might be why you have problems connecting them.

Some more tips you can also find in the Stadia helpcenter:

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