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Mouse and keyboard on tv

Hi completely new to this, just ordered and awaiting delivery tomorrow. I'm wanting to hook it all up to my TV but would also like to use a mouse and keyboard as I'm going to be playing football manager. How do I do this? What kind of mouse and keyboard should I buy?Any help appreciated, sorry if this is a common question but couldn't find anything related to a TV set up

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

@Smith39 Currently the only input option for playing on Chromecast is the official Stadia Controller, which is able to connect directly to your home WiFi network. There's no way to connect a Bluetooth or wired keyboard, mouse, or other controller to the Chromecast.

If you absolutely must use keyboard and mouse while playing on your TV then you'll need to connect the TV to a computer and game that way.

You can find more information on supported controller + display combinations here:

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