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L2 button internally sticking

My wasabi stadia controller is having an issue where the l2 button is being pressed when the controller isn't even touched. Something internal is sticking but the button itself is ok. It's frustrating because the controller is unusable to play with that button malfunctioning. The button itself isn't sticking but the internal portion that the physical button presses I think is what is sticking. I've had an issue with it doing it once in a blue moon since it was brand new but now it just constantly acts like it's being pressed even if you aren't touching the controller. There's no chat support or email so I don't know how to go about getting support for a replacement. This is my second Stadia controller purchased. My founders edition is absolutely flawless but this wasabi one seems to have not been checked by QC.

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Mad_Dog_Bravo Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

@GarrettTurbo : Judging by the number of reports, this appears to be a common issue with the controllers.  I don't think that it matters much if it is a Founders edition blue or any other color for that matter.

Raise a case with support and they should be able to steer you in the right direction. 

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