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Issues with linking your Stadia Controller?

Linking your Stadia controller to a screen

You need to link your Stadia Controller to a screen before you can use it to play. If you want to play on a TV using Chromecast Ultra, you’ll need to use a linking code to link your Stadia Controller wirelessly. If you want to play on a PC or phone, you must use a USB cable to connect the Stadia Controller. 

What is a linking code?

To let your Stadia Controller know which screen you want to play on wirelessly, you’ll need to enter a linking code for that screen. The linking code lets you easily change which screen your controller is linked to. Each screen will have its own unique linking code that will rarely change. 

Enter linking codes from left to right, one button at a time. Linking codes are 4-5 characters long and consist of only Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, X, Y.

Here is a sample of what a linking code looks like. The code for your screen will be different. 



Note: Currently, linking codes will only appear on Chromecast Ultra. Linking codes for other devices will be available soon.

How to link with a Chromecast

  1. Press the Stadia button for one second to turn on your Stadia Controller. The controller will vibrate. If you have not previously setup the controller with Wi-Fi, you can follow the instructions here.
  2. As soon as the status light blinks white, enter the linking code displayed on your Chromecast Ultra in Ambient Mode.
  3. It can take up to 15 seconds for the entered linking code to be recognized. If the link was successful, the controller will vibrate and Stadia will launch on your Chromecast Ultra. The status light on your controller will turn solid white when it is linked to the screen.


Note: If the status light blinks orange, it means the controller can’t connect to Wi-Fi. Open the controller menu in the Stadia app to set up the controller with Wi-Fi. If you need to change the Wi-Fi on your Chromecast, use the Google Home app.

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Following up on my scenario where I had experienced issues with pairing the controller on my wifi network. Turns out my home network somehow had two separate wifi routers (one for telephone and one for xFi). Which created conflicting SSID broadcasts, causing some devices to show up on one network and not the other. Ever since we found out our telephony one has deactivated causing our phone line to cease working, we relocated the phoneline to xFi, then returned the telephony router. Ever since, we now have one SSID broadcast (2.4 and 5.0) from one source, allowing all devices to find each other on the same network. this resolves my Stadia controller not finding CCU correctly.

It does work fine on xFI as long there  identical SSID for both 2.4 and 5 gHZ if you're using pods, or pair the CCU and Stadia controller to the same SSID to keep them together if you;re not using the Pods.


Hope this helps others. Cheers

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