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So I am/was under the impression that the existing line of Stadia controllers would at some point in the not too distant future, (before their software/hardware "end of life") support Bluetooth audio. As, for example, to be used with a truly wireless headset. But now I am told on the Reddit forum that will not be the case.  So now I am trying to get the correct answer.  Does anyone know the answer? 

Thanks & Sláinte,  Fierce

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@Fierce - I can't speak from an official source nor do I think anything has been specifically released on this (Unless you have a link). The controllers currently connect to the Chromecast Ultra Via Wireless - not Bluetooth. 

User treboriax on Reddit posted: 

"The Stadia Controller features BLE 4.2, however any Bluetooth functionality is disabled at launch (see the fine print at the product page)."

It will likely be possible retroactively accomplished via firmware, but a roadmap to do so is currently not available.

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