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Damaged Controller

Hello all,

My wife spilled a fill glass of unsweetened ice tea all over my controller. I left it alone to dry for a few days but now it wont turn on or charge. 

1. Anyone have a similar accident that was able to find a fix?

2. Is there a way to get it repaired?

I am going to be bummed if I need to buy a new one. No mother's day gift for her! 

Thanks in advance.


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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Hi @DPain 

doh, that sounds bad. How long did you charge the controller? Does a PC recognize the controller when you plugged it in?

Otherwise you can try to contact the Stadia support. Maybe they have an idea or a quick solution for you. 🙂


I cross my fingers!

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Nope, it be dead. I even put it in rice for 24 hours.


I already ordered and received a replacement 🙂


So note to users, do not spill a full glass of water on your controller - it will die.

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