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Transfer images from the Stadia app to the Google Photos app

Hello everyone,

I would like to send the pictures I made while playing to friends.

Unfortunately I can only view the pictures in the Stadia app and have to take a screenshot of them. Is there a way to display the photos directly in the Google Photos app? I did not find a slider for a corresponding folder in the settings.

I have a Google Pixel 3 XL


Thanks for your help, 




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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Nope, there isn't currently a native way to share those clips and screenshots, but I hope that one will be coming soon. You can get access to those captures by exporting your Stadia data through Google Takeout but it's not really a very streamlined process. 

Be sure to use the in-app feedback to let the devs know how eager you (we!) are you see this capability added!

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Photo Captures in Stadia need to transfer directly to a "Stadia Captures" Album on Google Photos using a setting within the Stadia app.

Video Captures need to do the same as above with maybe an option selector setting in the Stadia app for direct upload to your YouTube channel as well.  

Additionally, maybe have a double-tap of the capture button initiate a live YouTube stream?

It would be awesome to have the Google Assistant button allow you to invite friends to your game using your voice.  Maybe if they are currently offline, it sends them a Stadia notification or a text?  I see a future where you get the assistant to Google Duo call your friend - and maybe there is a split screen in Stadia when they have their video feed on?  Too much too soon? 

I know some of this was in the initial plan, but just want to make sure this is all being considered still.  

It would also be nice to have a COMING SOON section on the app with these subsections:


...and their expected release dates along with other detailed info and video previews embedded


 a. NEW HARDWARE (for example, WiFi Stadia racing controllers/pedals & VR headsets, etc.)

 b. STADIA FUNCTIONALITY UPDATES - to include release notes for current, past, & planned changes to the Stadia app and integrations with Google Photos, YouTube, etc.


As for Current Games on Stadia:  For each game, the Stadia app should specifically list the "up to" delivery output & frame rate for Pro users and then for all others.  Preview videos, reviews, help forum links for each game, etc. should be shown in the app under each current Stadia game.

Also, how about a YouTubeTV channel dedicated to Stadia?  Stream some of the top Stadia gamers, hold challenges/competitions, showcase new features, hardware, and game walkthroughs.

Thanks for your feedback.  Stadia IS the future of gaming!

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I anticipate the Captures section to receive a major overhaul at some point soon.

Right now, there's proof that the screenshots are already in Google Photos, but not visible. If you open your Gmail on desktop from the same account Stadia is attached, Compose a new message, and attach a photo, you will notice all your Stadia captures within that menu, which pulls from Photos.

In addition to exporting the Takeout of Stadia to get captures, a slightly quicker or easier method may be to email a screenshot to yourself, save the photo, then Share it via whatever other platform you want

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