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Stadia Player
Stadia Player

Stadia on app TV (panasonic store, samsung, LG content store, cie..)

Hi everyone,

What do you think about to give acces stadia directly in app store TV like panasonic store, LG content store, samsung store.. ) ?

I think this will make it more visible and easy to access for stadia.

also, this way can fix many problem :

- The first is that no port HDMI is needed.

-Many tv not being equip port HDMI 2.1 for benefit 4K60

  Note : I have a Panasonic TX-55Fz800e and her have 100Hz natif, but i have a HDMI port 2.0a. i'm not expert but i think that if Stadia is lauch by the TV we can obtain better quality, and this result is same for any TV connect ( with a store )

What do you think about this idea ?๐Ÿ˜


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Stadia Player
Stadia Player

@Ludow It's not bad as idea, I hope to see it in a TV full-android because the market is really fragmented by different OS that has some app (google play movies > Google TV and Youtube). Let's hope for the future to have an integrated app in most of the tv

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