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Search Functionality For Games

So I dunno if this has been posted before (searching didn't yield any results) but how is it that Google, a company based on Search has no search option to search for a game within the Stadia app?

I gotta assume this is on John Justice's fabled whiteboard but it strikes me as crazy this isn't already in there.

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Chufu Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Good point, I am missing this function as well. Left feedback in the Stadia App for that already a few weeks ago, maybe it would make sense for you to also leave feedback, so that they can work on improvements? 🙂

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@Chufu @I did that at the same time as posting but good call 👍🏻

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BinaryJay Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

I can only assume this was left out on purpose due to the fact that they knew it was going to have a limited game library at launch.  I'm sure many of the current design considerations were also made with the small initial library taken into consideration and that there are plans to change much of the way things are organized as it grows.

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If a search would have been in the app at launch, even more people than already are would have been annoyed. Searching for existing games (on other platforms) would have come up as “No results found”.

Also, it takes longer to type in the search words than brows the ”entire” store. 😂 But I’m sure we will see a search function soon as the library expands.

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Mad_Dog_Bravo Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

@Razza :

Just a matter of time before the Web store page and App start to get updated with the relevant links and meta data.

You can already see that there is some work going on the Store already, just that most of the lists are empty currently.

Note: Interesting to see Devolver Digital listed in the publishers, they do a lot of work publishing indie games.

e.g. (Lists in bold currently return results)

  1. All Games: /store/list/3
  2. Featured: /store/list/4
  3. Most Played: /store/list/5
  4. Top Selling: /store/list/6
  5. Editor's Choice: /store/list/7
  6. Coming Soon: /store/list/8
  7. Pre-order: /store/list/9
  8. Recently updated: /store/list/10
  9. New add-ons: /store/list/11
  10. Early access: /store/list/12
  11. Great on mobile: /store/list/13
  12. On sale: /store/list/14
  13. Great offers: /store/list/15
  14. Game of the year winners: /store/list/16
  15. Beautiful games: /store/list/17
  16. Popular on YouTube: /store/list/18
  17. Most wanted: /store/list/19
  18. Most gifted: /store/list/20
  19. Top rated: /store/list/21
  20. New releases: /store/list/22
  21. Best 4K games: /store/list/23
  22. Best cross-platform: /store/list/24
  23. Best HDR games: /store/list/25
  24. Best multiplayer games: /store/list/26
  25. Best of Stadia: /store/list/27
  26. Best with Stadia Pro: /store/list/28
  27. Big deals: /store/list/29
  28. Collection: /store/list/30
  29. Compilation: /store/list/31
  30. Demos: /store/list/32
  31. Discover more games: /store/list/33
  32. Expansions: /store/list/34
  33. Featured deals: /store/list/35
  34. Leaving Stadia Pro soon: /store/list/36
  35. More to discover: /store/list/37
  36. New & trending: /store/list/38
  37. New this month: /store/list/39
  38. New this week: /store/list/40
  39. New to Stadia: /store/list/41
  40. Publisher spotlight: /store/list/42
  41. Stadia exclusives: /store/list/43
  42. Stadia favorites: /store/list/44
  43. Stadia Pro deals: /store/list/45
  44. Trending: /store/list/46
  45. Trials: /store/list/47
  46. Action games: /store/list/1001
  47. Adventure games: /store/list/1002
  48. Arcade games: /store/list/1003
  49. Board games: /store/list/1004
  50. Casual games: /store/list/1005
  51. Children & family games: /store/list/1006
  52. Fighting games: /store/list/1007
  53. Horror games: /store/list/1008
  54. Music or rhythm games: /store/list/1009
  55. Party games: /store/list/1010
  56. Puzzle games: /store/list/1011
  57. Quiz games: /store/list/1012
  58. Racing games: /store/list/1013
  59. Role-playing games: /store/list/1014
  60. Shooter games: /store/list/1015
  61. Simulations: /store/list/1016
  62. Simulator games: /store/list/1017
  63. Sports games: /store/list/1018
  64. Strategy games: /store/list/1019
  65. Indie games: /store/list/1020
  66. Retro games: /store/list/1021
  67. Massively multiplayer games: /store/list/1022
  68. Party games: /store/list/1023
  69. Action & adventure games: /store/list/1024
  70. Brawler games: /store/list/1025
  71. Classic games: /store/list/1026
  72. Competitive games: /store/list/1027
  73. Cooperative games: /store/list/1028
  74. Couch co-op games: /store/list/1029
  75. Dating simulations: /store/list/1030
  76. Esports: /store/list/1031
  77. Female protagonist: /store/list/1032
  78. First-person games: /store/list/1033
  79. Flight simulations: /store/list/1034
  80. Great stories: /store/list/1035
  81. Indies we love: /store/list/1036
  82. Interactive fiction: /store/list/1037
  83. JRPGs: /store/list/1038
  84. MMO games: /store/list/1039
  85. MMORPGs: /store/list/1040
  86. MOBA games: /store/list/1041
  87. Open world: /store/list/1042
  88. Platformer: /store/list/1043
  89. Point-&-click adventure games: /store/list/1044
  90. Puzzle & card games: /store/list/1045
  91. Roguelike games: /store/list/1046
  92. RTS games: /store/list/1047
  93. Sandbox: /store/list/1048
  94. Single-player games: /store/list/1049
  95. Sports & racing games: /store/list/1050
  96. Survival games: /store/list/1051
  97. Survival horror games: /store/list/1052
  98. Third-person games: /store/list/1053
  99. Trivia games: /store/list/1054
  100. Turn-based games: /store/list/1055
  101. Visual novel: /store/list/1056
  102. Stadia Pro Games: /store/list/2001
  103. Your wishlist: /store/list/3001
  104. From 2K: /store/list/4001
  105. From Bethseda: /store/list/4002
  106. From Devolver Digital: /store/list/4003
  107. From Square Enix: /store/list/4004
  108. From THQ Nordic: /store/list/4005
  109. From Ubisoft: /store/list/4006


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There aren’t enough games for them to need it. With the small library it only takes a few seconds to scroll through the whole store. I believed this worked the same for the Nintendo Switch. Later, when more games release and it is necessary, they will probably add a search.
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