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Pre orders for new games

I would like to pre order some of the newer games like watch dogs legion as I see you get a bonus for doing so, why is this not a feature on stadia and will there ever be a official way to pre order games 

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Destiny Beyond Light is in a pre-order state right now but it isn't very visible. Having a section dedicated to pre-orders or making the store page slightly different for pre-orders would go a long way.


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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

@Rocketbro135 It's true that Stadia doesn't have pre-orders (yet?), but the way they've been doing it in the past for games like Doom, basically you just need to purchase the game for the first 1-2 weeks (forgot the exact time) after the game is launched, and you will get the pre-order bonuses available to other platforms. 

So I assume this will be the same thing with Watch Dogs Legion, if there's no pre-order for the game. There's no confirmation so far though so we just need to wait and see.

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