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Mouse and Keyboard on android

Hi everyone,

I specifically went for Stadia over a console because it supports keyboard and mouse.

To this day I could not get it to work on my PC. Trust me, I have tried everything and spent many hours on it. Runs smooth with no input, stutter as soon as I press a  button or move the mouse. No fix worked and I have given up.

(mouse accel, v sync, chrome flags, no extensions, incognito, force vp9, compatabilty mode, ethernet connection, canary browser, differnt keyboards and mouses and many more things)

But there is sadly no alternative. No mouse and keyboard support for chromecast, for Android App (Samsung Dex!) and it does not work with my tablet in the chrome browser even though phone and tablet work just fine with a mouse.

Is there a plan to extend the support for mouse gameplay? I have hardly any use for Stadia with a controller.

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Try forcing to run chrome app by the onboard video card instead of external one I had similar issues and it's fixed it.

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Hey Hagster,

I am very sorry to hear such bad news. May I ask what specs has your PC? Another question does this mouse stuttering/lagging happen to all your games on Stadia? Please try out the new Stadia Pro game "Kona" and leave mouse smoothing turned on. Kona is very well ported and works absolutely great with mouse and keyboard for me. Please tell me about your experience with it.


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Thanks for the input but Samsung Dex has pretty much replaced my PC anyway. Thats why I'm posting this in the app-thread. I was hoping Stadia was the last step of that transition.

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