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BL3 Crashing again on Mayhem 5+ (Borderlands 3)

About month ago, BL3 was crashing within seconds of action starting on Mayhem 5+ (4 and below was working perfectly). 

Then the problem suddenly went away and I was able to play on Mayhem 6.

Now the exact same thing is happening again, and I can only play on Mayhem 4 or less (very frustrating). 

Is this a stadia or gearbox issue?

Also, it was clearly fixed for at least a few weeks and now it's back again. 

PS: Playing with Zane 



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PSS: Last night 5/30 Mayhem 5+ was working, today 5/30 it is no longer working. The error says something like "There has been a glitch" and it boots you out to the main stadia page 

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