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Android TV compatibility


first of all I do really love Stadia. 🙂 Everyone does a great job. Keep it up!!

My question is, do you have any information about the upcoming Android TV compatibility without using Chromecast Ultra? When will it be released?

Best Regards 


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Stadia Guide

Hi @Jtonic,

this would be awesome, unfortunately, there is no public roadmap related to a rollout Stadia to new devices or software stacks. You might want to follow the Stadia team on Twitter to stay up to date. (

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Hi together,

Also waiting for Android TV support! Any news on that?


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You can sideload the app on the Android TV using the apk file quite easily.

Did this on my Sony Bravia Android TV and works well even detected my wireless controller. The interface is not optimised for Android TV's yet but works perfectly well with controller. 

So far I've tested F1 2020, Kona and Grid all work well. 

The only drawback is installing the games, these at present have to be installed on the phone app, once done they show on the TV app.

Hopefully Google will soon implement the full compatibility for Android TV's.

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So you can confirm a CCU isn't neccesary to play this way? Not sure if my older model (2015) Sony Android TV is up for the task. Would you mind sharing your version number of the installed chromecast app?

I know the Android TV app is in the works and I am looking to get myself into Stadia gaming. With the upcoming release (who knows when?!) of the Android TV app, I'll only need to buy a controller (color choice ftw) instead of the Premiere Edition bundle.

So my choices are:

Wait for the tv app to release and buy a controller;

Buy a controller and side load the app to my tv and hope it works;

Buy a bundle and maybe have unused CCU in couple of weeks/months.

What to do...what to do...



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CCU is the only official way to run Stadia on the Android TV, however you can sideload the Stadia app on your Android TV.

One important point is you cannot at present use the Stadia controller using the Android TV app but works with other wireless or Bluetooth controllers, see side note below, hopefully when they decide to release an official version it will allow use of Stadia controller.

As I said it works, I also have a CCU in case they decide to pull support for the Android TV app, my built in Chromecast I have disabled as this will not support Stadia, unless Sony decide to release an update.

Your 2015 Android TV should be able to handle Stadia, I run with 4k and hdr enabled and have no issues.

Side note: I connected my Serafim R1+ steering wheel via the TV's USB to play Real Racing 3 and the wheel even worked on Grid in the Stadia app, this is something the CCU cannot do.

Hope this helps


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Thanks for your reply.


I figured as much. Decided to go for the hassle-free-guaranteed-quality-experience and ordered me the Premiere Edition.Besides Stadia, the CCU is always a great device to have.


Ill dive into this weekend.

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