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4k on a big screen with your mobile!

Hi everybody!

Here is my feature request:

I would love to have the possibility to send the 4k@60Hz Stadia-stream to a big screen using the USB-C port of my mobile.


I just got myself a new mobile which is capable of displaying my recorded 4k@60Hz videos on a monitor via a USB-C to DisplayPort cable. I think at least 4k@30Hz is possible with an USB-C to HDMI cable. 

How does it work/Feasibility

When I connect my phone with the USB-C to DP cable, there is the option to mirror the phone's screen. My monitor then gets 4k@60 data from my phone and everything displayed has black boarders according to my mobile's resolution. The moment I start a 4k video, the video player app sets the display of the mobile to a 'play button' and the video is perfectly displayed in 4k@60 on my big screen. If the video player app can do it, the Stadia app can do it, too! 😉

I use a Samsung Galaxy S20, but also older models seem to support this. As far as I know: Google Pixel phones and iPhones (not supported yet, I know) support this, too.


  • Usually you got your mobile with you all the time
  • Only one cable needed
  • With the mobile it is possible to connect a headset, controller or mouse/keyboard (via Bluetooth or a USB-C-Hub)
  • With a hub you can charge your mobile while playing on Stadia! 😉
  • You may use the phone screen as a virtual joypad (So the cable is really the only hardware needed. Ok, the big screen of course...)
  • PC-like setup with mouse/keyboard without the need of a PC (no booting, no noise, ...)
  • 4k high-end gaming with a phone

Marketing possibilities

New Google phones can come with a free 'Stadia experience', so basically the (cheap) cable and some time of free pro-membership. So all people buying a new Google phone can play on their big screens in 4k! This should get some happy customers to Stadia... 😉

Perfect Match

For me it would be perfect to have a WiFi mouse and keyboard for Stadia, so it would be possible to minimize the input lag. Of course the keyboard should have the possibility to connect a headset. If m/kb would also have the possibility to connect via Bluetooth or USB, you could use the hardware also to work with your phone (e.g. with Samsung's Dex). It would also be a possibility for Google to sell some more hardware.... 😉

What do you think?

If you like the idea, please leave a comment or a Kudo. 

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

I think your suggestion and use cases are good ones.  You put a good effort into your post, too. 🙂

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