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do you need an early access stadia pack to be able to access stadia

I am wondering if I should buy the stadia controller but I am unknown if I am able to access stadia with out purchase of a founder or early access pack.

Basically can you buy the chrome cast ultra and stadia controller separately and still access stadia?

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Mad_Dog_Bravo Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

@Jankyhero : Currently the only options to get a code with which to create an account for Stadia is either buy purchasing a Premium Edition, Founders Edition which is no longer available, or by getting a Buddy Pass code from someone who has purchased either a Premium or Founders edition.

Until the base edition is released in 2020 sometime, then those are your only options.

If you buy your own controller and your own chromecast ultra then you're not going to be able to play Stadia until either the base edition gets released or someone provides you with a buddy pass.

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