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When do we get 4K HDR 60 FPS with highest settings?

Obviously Destiny 2 is neither running on highest settings nor in 4K 60 FPS at the moment. Looks more like medium settings on my 4K TV. Nevertheless it runs quite unsatisfying with a lot of stutter, even though using an ethernet connection and the menu certifying an excellent internet connection. Right now Destiny 2 runs smoother and more beautiful on my i5 with a 1060, which is ridiculous. I need a valid reason to use Stadia Pro, please! I remember 4K HDR 60 FPS with highest settings as a standard being the main point of the Stadia presentation. Will we get to that point and when?
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I havent had a single stutter with Destiny 2 on 4K mode.
In regards to PC graphics i don't know, im used to Xbox one X, but for me, 60 FPS and load speed >> resolution.

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All games look like they run at 1080p and get upscaled to 4k i dont think that future will be better 

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