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Suddenly Micro stuttering

Is someone else experiencing micro stuttering these days with stadia on chromecast ultra. It happens with wifi and ethernet connection. I tried to change the resolution in the stadia app and turned HDR on and off to use less data. didn't help. Resettet my router didn't help. turned off every device in my appartement. Didn't help. I do have 1.000mbit download. that was the month before never a problem. I do live in germany. maybe because of Corona....I hope it's the Google servers... it feels like a hick up when playing the games. sound is all good. but the picture freezes for a millisecond...sometime every 10 sec then after 30sec....very strange.. no matter which game I play. any other ideas. ping should be fine too. playing online games on my ps4 flawless. same network.

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I want to also report the same issue.  I personally feel this is just par for the course.  See my post:

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