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Stadia dropping from fixed 60fps to 30fps each session.

The issue is that each session I play, that within perhaps 15-30 minutes the frame rates will drop from “as intended” 60fps down to 30fps from then on until Stadia is restarted  

For example.

Playing Destiny 2 will begin absolutely fine, you can clearly see from the outset of the moving circle select icon that everything is smooth. Start the game, it plays perfect. But at some point the screen will momentarily switch to be “blank” then return, from this moment on the frame rate is that of 30fps; judder throughout.

Returning to the menu of Destiny, moving the circle reticle will show the stepping of the judder, or indeed just playing  

Now, this is where it gets interesting..

Quitting Destiny 2 (not Stadia itself) and loading it back or any other game results in no change. The frame rate is still 30 FPS with judder throughout.

Now, actually “quitting” stadia and restarting will revert things back to 60fps.

For extra notes. My internet is high end, 200 down and 15up, works flawlessly with everything. I connect it via LAN or indeed WiFi (Google Nest WiFi) and it does exactly the same.

For extra testing I have even turned off HDR, lowered from Best visual quality down to Performance; same issue.

I do not believe it’s Destiny 2 causing the problem, but perhaps it could be. It’s certainly Stadia itself that becomes affected as any game used continues the low frame rate.

I really hope that someone at Google can help out with this as it’s ruining my experience that otherwise would be exemplary. When it works it’s working so well.


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Hello guys,

I'm having the same issue! No matter which max resolution I choose or if HDR is on/off. Frames drop from fixed 60 to 30 hz after about 15 to 30 Minutes into playing (happened with Destiny 2, Tomb Raider and Get Packed) with a blank of screen. Using a "Loewe bild 4" TV.

Anything new about that?

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Are you using any kind of HDMI switcher? One in which you have multiple devices that can feed their signal to a particular HDMI port of your choice?

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have you figured out a solution here?  I have the same issue occuring with Destiny 2.  its not the TV (projector in my case) as I can play an xbox one X for hours at 4k/60 no issue.  I can also watch videos being cast to the chromecast ultra in 4K/60 with zero issues.  it only occurs with Desinty 2 so far and its about 15 min into playing.

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

The fact that you have a mode change (indicated by the screen blank) suggests to me it's something your TV is up to.  As far as I know, the Chromecast will never change out of a 4K/60 mode regardless of the stream quality.  

I suggest you try changing to a different HDMI input (make sure it is one that supports 4K60/HDR, many TVs only have some ports that will support this, not all.  If you're not connecting the chromecast directly to your TV, but through something else like a sound bar, connect it directly to the TV.  Then see if the issue stays the same.

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