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Stadia Keyboard/Mouse

Hi all, I’d like to use my Stadia with the FM2020 football manager game and play with Keyboard and mouse. Can I do this with my chromecast on my TV? Anyone who knows football manager knows it would be weird to play using a pad. Any advice to connect this to chromecast is what I would like Thanks all R
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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

@1Creativeray There is currently no way to connect any input device to the Chromecast; the Stadia controller only works because it connects via WiFi directly to the server which is streaming your game.

So no, I'm afraid you won't be able to use your keyboard and mouse while playing over the Chromecast. That will only work when playing via the Chrome browser or a supported phone.

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I don't think there is a way now, but in my opinion, the right way to support it would be allowing USB-C Hubs and USB HID devices like mouse, keyboard, steering wheel, etc to be connected to Chromecast Controller. Another nice to have option would be support for USB-C Ethernet adapters, so that the controller can be used on wired Ethernet.
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Please add this.

Stadia wants to give us "one place for all the ways we play" so please offer us the possibility to use all the Input devices we want.

As a pc gamer i love playing with Mouse &  Keyboard especially in shooters but also in most  Games (strategy, Simulation, rpg...)

This whould imho also be another unique selling point.

Zelenev s Idea Sounds great, If it is possible. Using the USB Port to Connect Mouse and Keyboard directly to the Controller whould be awsome.

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