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Stadia - Is it living up to its promises...?

Hey guys

I hope you're all doing great.

Before I go any further, I must make clear that I am a committed - no - I am an avid Stadia user. I am a founder from day 1 and love the platform.

However, after playing a number of games I find myself asking the question: Does this platform, as great as it is, live up to those marketing promises?

We all remember the videos talking about the teraflop capacity of the server's etc.

However, having played ESO which now (finally) runs as 4K native & HDR, I can't help but wonder why many games - including ESO - are only running at the spec of a upper lower to mid-range PC? With graphics comparable to the Xbox One/PS4 - or at a push, Xbox One X?

We always hear from Stadia how this is the developers choice. But surely, if the platform can handle pushing games at their leanest meanest settings, they would set them up to that output?

For example, ESO - despite its upgraded settings - when in heavy boss fights I find that frame rate substantially drops, which it never would on the gaming platforms.

So what's going on? Any thoughts?

Thanks guys!

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PS - I run Stadia through Chromecast, hard wired to my virgin broadband @ 300mbps.

This isn't a connection issue. 🙂

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Stadia Player
Stadia Player

Stadia has been a bit slow in advancing the platform. It's still not officially supported on Android TV, no widescreen support, games are slow to come to the platform and basic features like messaging are still missing. Hopefully, Google can update us on this and maybe improve the cadence of updates.

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I think we need to add Dolby Digital to this list. It is present, but the required hardware to implement it with the Chromecast Ultra from the founder's edition completely negates some of the biggest selling points of Stadia. Also, Family sharing and accounts.

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