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Periodic loss of controller input/ connection issue ? In an any case, help required :-)

Hello Stadia community. I have this particular issue where my controller/character doesn't react for about 2 seconds, every 30-45 seconds, during my play sessions in Destiny 2. The gameplay continues while it happens, and the game doesn't freeze up. This problem has been happening since initial setup nov. 21. Im using an LG OLED 2017 tv, 4k HDR, with the Chromecast Ultra connected on 400/60mbit Etherrnet, and the connection shows in Stadia as fantastic. (I've tried on WIFI as well, same issue). When I use Stadia via Chrome browser on my PC there is no problem. Has anyone else had similar issue and come up with a solution, or know if there is a fix I can apply myself ?

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

It sounds to me like your controller is getting disconnected from your Wifi access point.  Maybe the connection isn't great to begin with, or maybe you have a source of interference kicking in especially if it is connected on the 2.4Ghz band instead of 5Ghz.  Even a neighbor or someone else nearby popping popcorn in a poorly shielded microwave can kill a 2.4Ghz signal.

If your router/access point supports it, check the connection logs to see if you can find logs coinciding with your connection dropouts.

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