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Performance Issues Destiny 2 Wired Chromecast Ultra

Going to describe my performance issue, then detailing my equipment to make things as easy as possible:

Performance issues described:

The game at times of incoming mobs, new players to a raid or Events, lagging controller response.  It gets so severe at points, I am spinning in circles, or over compensate in the game.  My toon becomes useless until the "controller lag" catches up.  However it is usually shortly lived.  Very rarely when solo playing do I experience this, with a caveat.  If on a campaign I can be "loading" into the boss room, and then experience this input "lag" issue.


Equipment and settings:

Ultra ChromeCast - purchased with the controller:  firmware 1.42.183786

Chromecast is wired using Ethernet, when in the settings, Connection says Excellent, Data Usage Balanced rating? 5.1 

HDR - set to OFF

ATT - Fiber 1GB up/down

Wireless access point is an Asus RT-AX88U (on the latest firmware) not more than 8 feet from where I play using the controller.

Sony XBR-65A9G - Turning on GAME MODE, Does the size of the screen become an issue?  Was reading it could. (65")

I wish I can say I have played more Pro games, but wanted to play Destiny, and havent.  I did try Glyt, sucked, no lag though.  Serious Sam, no lag, Tomb Raider, no lag.

My gut is telling me its the size of the screen...  anyone can confirm?



I have not played using Chrome browser on a new PC, however I could, just havent.


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