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Other compatible plugs (UK) for Chromecast Ultra

I have an issue where I cannot use the plug that comes with the Chromecast Ultra as it's to big to fit behind the wall mounted TV. 

I know I will lose ethernet feature but is there another compatible plug that I could use with the Chromecast Ultra? 

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@Jezza The support page says "Chromecast Ultra won't work with any other USB cable, or any USB cable plugged into a TV." so you might be out of luck here...

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Thanks - Didn't think to check to support page.

That's a shame, you would had thought more R and D would had gone into the design of the plug as its supposed to fit behind a TV.

Looks like I'm going have to return the FE. Cant justify keeping it if I don't get the full benefit of the Chromecast Ultra.

I'll have to purchase a separate controller and wait till next year to play, by connecting the laptop to the TV. Really gutted about this.



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