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No Chromecast nearby when trying to to Add account to Chromecast

After looking in the forums and exchanging message via Twitter with Stadia support I stumbled on what my specific problem was.

Like many people I was trying to add another Chrome Cast Ultra "CCU" to my Stadia app but when I would try the App would just say there wasnt any Chromecast nearby.

What I stumbled on is I have an Actiontec Single Dual-Band Wireless Extender (WCB3000N) 

I broadcast the same SSID, and its the same "network" technically but Im pretty sure Chromecast has some form of issue in general. Often I'd notice that I would try and cast something but the Chromecast wont show up. 

When I moved my phone and controller to nearest access point (main one) I was able to see the Chromecast listed and get it added.

Im not sure if this is a specific issue with this older ActionTech Extended, or extender / mesh network setups but given the number of posts I found hopefully if you are running a similar setup this helps.

One thing that lead me to think it was the wireless SSID broadcasting was that the Stadia controller was able to unlock the CCU I was trying to add. So thats a sign that from a network stand point it could talk to it.  Id just get stuck on the screen that I needed to add it via the APP.










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Here is a good post I found about Chromecast and mesh networks ( even Goggle Wifi)

Ive certainly have seen issues with some older devices in my setup, especially older Belkin/Wemo stuff I used to use. 




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