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Keyboard and Mouse with Chromecast Stadia...

Are there any plans for a compatible Keyboard and Mouse for the Stadia users that utilize the Chromecast?  Its obvious that Stadia runs best via Chromecast so is there a way to develop a keyboard/mouse that connects directly through wifi or is that something that just wont work due to input latency issues?   Are there any plans to explore these options going forward?  

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

@Elysian There's no official news with regards to that specific feature. My guess is that since most people are using Chromecast with TV, that means usually people will be sitting on a couch or somewhere far from TV, so a controller will make more sense rather than m/kb. But i do understand some people like to use m/kb even while playing on TV. Make sure to submit feedback through the Stadia app, as it's the official way of getting your voice heard.

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