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Issues with 4k HDR


I got Stadia a few month ago and so far I am pretty happy and had a great experience with the product and I love the overall experience.

I have one issue that I was not able to solve myself though. Hopefully someone around here has an idea.

I noticed that whenever I play in HDR, the picture quality is worse compared to playing without HDR. I tried to capture this in a screenshot (see attached) however it does not show it to the full extent; maybe these are taken in the backend?.

When in HDR I regularly experience the picture being kind of pixelated. This mainly concerns parts of the picture that are far away or plain (like the sky & clouds in AC: odyssey / division 2 or GUI elements); however this might also be due to the effect being easier to notice on these types of textures. 

Other than that the game still runs smoothly and the stadia context menu indicates good connection quality.  I also checked bandwith while playing and this does not seem to be the bottleneck.

I play on a LG C9 55" with Chromecast. I tried both WLAN and LAN, both variants have the same issue. My internet connection support 100mbits down & 50mbits upstream.

Being quite confident internet is not the bottleneck I kind of wonder if my configuration for the HDMI or sth. else could be off?


ScreenshotScreenshotBandwith while taking the screenshotBandwith while taking the screenshot

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

I don't have Odyssey on Stadia, but I play it on PC.  There, there are HDR picture settings to adjust things like the luminosity.  Check to see if these settings are available for you, if they're set too high things can look blown out and/or washed out.

The other important thing to check is that the port you've got your Chromecast plugged into has enhanced HDMI enabled (setting name may differ with different TVs).  Do you feel the image doesn't look like what you expect only in Stadia or also while casting HDR video content to the CCU as well?

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Thanks, I will try playing around with the settings. However I would be quite surprised if that would cause or reduce pixelation. 

As for streaming HDR content. This works perfectly fine. I watched various movies etc. via Netflix that were streamed in 4k HDR and did not have any issues.

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Hi @Kerbaroth 

I have an LG C8 OLED and it seems to work fine.  Have you switched the chromecast input to game mode?

Also, have you ran a 4K YouTube HDR video through the Chromecast to check the HDMI inputs?

From there I can copy every setting I have enabled and my TV's calibration if it helps?

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