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(Idea) Stadia Store on Chromecast

Hi, all!

I'm new to the Stadia community forums, but have some words and ideas to contribute as a Stadia early-adopter and avid gamer.

Although it isn't implemented quite yet, it would be very convenient to have a Stadia Store accessible on Chromecast.

If it were implemented very similarly to existing game stores on other platforms, it could prove to increase the ease-of-use for Chromecast players and encourage many more to make the leap towards a Stadia Premiere bundle.

As an extension, a sign-in system for additional users would be another convenient feature added.

Bringing a home-console feeling to Stadia for Chromecast is much more important and powerful thing.

So a shop to browse, as well as other settings, tools, or applications available from the Stadia menu would give it so much more personalized and make it much more like the modern game consoles we have used for years, especially since the appeal of using Stadia for Chromecast Ultra is to use it on a TV, like existing consoles.

Would just like to throw out ideas, if any Stadia developers or officials see this! I would like to see Stadia grow not only as a service, but as an experience more people can enjoy and share with others.

My thanks, from Shiiigu.

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Hi @Shiiigu 

I fully support your idea, this is a really missing feature - for me.!

Please use the feedback function of the Stadia mobile app to report directly to the team.

They are reading your message, for sure.

Please mark posts that helped you to solve your problem as an "Answer" or give "Kudos" to other helpful posts.
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