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F1 2020 CCU Graphic Settings

Visually my graphics in F1 2020  arefare too dark on my CCU. When I tried it on my mobile ,it asked me to input Gamma Brightness settings. It then made the graphics as I would expected it to look

So I think I have initially setup the CCU settings incorrectly. I have tried to relocate this Gamma Brightness the option in the F1 Game Options but can't seem to find it. 


Can you help where I might locate this setting?

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

If you have an HDR display and HDR enabled then the game probably doesn't have gamma settings.  Normally games will have separate HDR luminance settings, but sometimes they have nothing.  Have you tried looking for anything related to HDR adjustments?

I don't have the game, so I'm just guessing at this point.

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