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Do I need a chromecast or just a controller?

Hello friends!

If I play games on my macbook bro 13", connected to an external monitor, what would a google chromecast do? Just curious. 

I want to get a controller, just not sure if I NEED a chromecast. 



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As far as Stadia goes, a Chromecast Ultra (CCU) is only used to get a TV/display ready for streaming. If you already have a device that is supported, such as an Android phone or a device running Chrome, all you need is the controller.

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@seneca15 Simply put, you don't need one.

Its much in the same way that you don't NEED the controller.

They may slightly enhance the experience (instantly switching between devices is a joy), but there is virtually no need at all.

Google really aren't hiding behind expensive hardware to access this experience.  The only two pieces of hardware (CCU and Controller) are optional.


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