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Chromecast audio crash

Having an issue while playing on Chromecast. Screen goes black and then comes back after 2 seconds but there is no longer and audio via any sound output. Chromecast needs to be rebooted to bring back audio. Happens infrequently but multiple times.

Switching devices gives audio on the other device but switching back to Chromecast stops audio again.

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Mad_Dog_Bravo Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

@erik : Not an issue that I've encountered yet.  Not sure what to recommend, perhaps try a factory default and setup again and see if any issues remain.  Else is it possibly related to the CCU getting too hot, but once again not an issue that I've encountered yet and we've had it running all day/evening without any issues to report yet.

If it still continues after a factory reset, then perhaps you have a faulty CCU(?), so perhaps best to raise a case with support and see if they can provide any further guidance.  Not very helpful I know, but that is about all that comes to mind unless of course someone else has encountered this same issue.


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