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[Chromecas Ultra + Controller] Assassin's Creed Osyssey Input Lag

Hi everyone,

So, I have AC Odyssey since Stadia releases, but only now I wanted to try something...

My AC is slightly laggy when played through CU, Isn't unplayable but it's definitely annoying, so I've been playing on browser always I can.

AC is the only game that has this issue on Chromecast, I have bunch of other games, like GRID, METRO, FFXV, MK11... no one has this Lag, does anyone knows what I can do to deal with it?

I have already tried a few approaches:

- Wireless is 5GHz.
- I set up priority to both Stadia Controllers and Chromecast Ultra on Router.
- I tested Chromecast Ultra Wired.


The thing is, this only happened with AC Odyssey, no other game... I don't thing that change configurations locally will solve the problem.


PS: I play on web browser and mobile with controller wirelessly, and this works perfectly which means that the issue isn't with wireless.

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I have been playing AC for 2 months, never had problems except today. I don't think that's our problem. However it has now started working normally without lag.

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Using chromecast?

This only happens using chromecast, and only with AC Odyssey.


But yes, I don't think the issue is in our side.

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