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CCU audio shattering even on headphone

Hello everyone, I've been having problems with Stadia for a few days. when I use CCU (via ethernet) both with tv speaker or with headphones connected to the controller the audio, sometimes even the video, shatters. It returns to normal when for example I hold the stadia button to close the game. on Smartphone I have no problems, and also from PC. I have already restarted router and checked the connection, restarted TV. I don't know what to do is impossible to play with it. among other things I think it got stuck even in an HDR mode that varied all the colors I just had to restart the CCU. 

factory reset CCU and Stadia controller, the issue not resolved yet.

Changing the resolution to 720p or 1080p solve the issue. Trying to change HDMI port on TV.

The issue still remain after a Router reset and HDMI port changed. Changed LAN cable with brand new one. Factory reset the TV. Speed test on LAN are all in the range of 400-500 mps. The issue remain.

The strange thing is that the issue remain even on the headphone trough the controller.

Can someone help me?


I'm in italy.

Seems that i'm not the only with issue in EU zone? 



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Been having the same issue last few days with my CCU too its like the game is lagging lol

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