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im having a problem

i recently got AC odessy and am havina few issues at random time s my avatar would run in one direction and the only way to get him out of it is to spam a bunch of keys  the same thing happended in destiny 2   

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Hmmm that sounds weird, I have AC Odyssey too and didn't encounter that issue you described at all.

What you could try is first if the same problem also happens on TV or Android phone (then you would isolate if the problem is just in your chrome browser or if it's a general problem).

In case you only have that in the Chrome browser, i would recommend to try the following steps and after each step try if that solves the issue:

  • Check that you have the most recent Chrome version.
  • Check that your Chrome Browser is not blocked by any Malware (check here step 5).
  • Disable all extensions in the browser and check if that solves the issue.
  • Delete the cache & cookies of Chrome.
  • Check your PC if there is any Malware/Virus installed that might cause issues in your browser. Try to just run an antivirus-programm to isolate this.
  • Check if you have experimental Features (Chrome flags) activated:
  1. Go to chrome://flags.
  2. Search a specific theme to your problem with the search bar and check if you can disable this feature, e.g. "enables pointer lock options" or "hardware accelerated video decode".
  3. If you can't find those, click on "reset to standard" in the top right corner to enable the standard-settings of the browser.
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