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character moves alone

hello, I have a little problem.
I play on different game on stadia on chrome and my character moves by itself, shoots jumped without me touching the buttons. it only does this to me on stadia on chrome. I searched the internet for a solution but I can't find any solution.
thank you in advance cordially Xuirael

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Hey @Xuirael,

sorry to hear you have an issue only in Chrome that your character is moving itself without you doing anything.

First of all I would recommend to check other games on Stadia as well (if you have): Does this issue only occur in one specific game or in all games? If it appears only in one, you might also consider that it is a game-problem, in which case it would be helpful to contact the developer of the game.

Also it's good if you check if this problem only exist in the browser or also on TV or with a mobile phone.

Otherwise if it happens generally and only in the browser, maybe there is a problem with your Chrome Browser. To fix this I recommend the following steps:

  • Check that you have the most recent Chrome version.
  • Disable all extensions in the browser and check if that solves the issue.
  • Delete the cache & cookies of Chrome.
  • Check that your Chrome Browser is not blocked by any Malware (check here step 5).
  • Check your PC if there is any Malware/Virus installed that might cause issues in your browser. Try to just run an antivirus-programm to isolate this.
  • Check if you have experimental Features (Chrome flags) activated:
  1. Go to chrome://flags.
  2. Search a specific theme to your problem with the search bar and check if you can disable this feature, e.g. "enables pointer lock options" or "hardware accelerated video decode".
  3. If you can't find those, click on "reset to standard" in the top right corner to enable the standard-settings of the browser.
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hello I found where the problem comes from, it is indeed chrome that is the problem. i installed the stadia app on windows store is the problem was gone.
Since I can play like this I would look at chrome later on why its doing this. thank you very much for your answer
cordially Xuirael

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