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Zombie Army 4: I cannot proceed further in mission Naples: Clear the Gate Entrance


I am playing on the Campaign on Stadia.

In the game I am in Naples: Clear the Gate Entrance.

The gate is open, but unfortunately just after the gate there is the fog and I cannot proceed further.

I have already restarted from the Safe Room once, and it did not help.

I can see two yellow pentagrams, both pointing at the gate, therefore I think I did not miss any step.

May you help me to troubleshoot the problem, please?

Thank you for your help.





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I’m having the same issue. 

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I contacted Zombie Army 4 Support at Rebellion.

They advised me to do the following, of which none worked.

  • Please back out into the main menu then restart the campaign from the mission before.
  • Can you try in an alternate difficulty mode?

Zombie Army 4 Support asks you to try things without knowing if they will actually work. Therefore I am not sure they acknowledged the problem and whether they will fix it.

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Same issue. I've been stuck in the fog now 5 times and have tried different difficulty levels. Guess its a bug..

Anyone got an idea on how to progress?

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Got reply and suggestion from support.

Starting from previous mission (before molten lava) mission fixed it. 👍

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