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Trying to play in chrome (many errors)

1. 100Mbps connection, ethernet.
2. Windows 10 Pro x64.
3. Google Chrome 81.0.4044.113 version.
4. Nvidia Geforce GTX960M (Asus ROG GL552VW).
5. TCP/UDP ports OK.

I can't even start GRID. It keeps checking connection, and asks to restart game constantly.
I manage to launch Destiny 2, apparently well. As you play, the motion control crashes as if bugged. Or simply, a black screen appears.

I have tried all the solutions described in the forum. Deactivating the hardware acceleration flag, incognito mode, installing the web app ... Nothing. I get very frustrated.

Thank you!


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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Hi @estukajan 

just to be sure, may you please check your current internet connection speed using the test?

Are you able to test it on another device like PC, Android phone or TV using a Chromecast?

Thanks for the information!

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Took me a while, but the simple solution was to disable hardware acceleration within Chrome.

Runs sweet now!

Good Luck!

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Thank you @Tobonaut !!

I have been doing certain tests, it turns out that if I connect via wifi, I can access the games (both Destiny 2 and GRID), but the connection is very unstable and fails.
I attach the ethernet speed test and a capture of the state in which the games are, but the games still do not start.




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