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Stuttering on all games

Hello everyone, i hope this is the right place to post this topic. Im currently experiencing stuttering when playing any game every minute for 3 seconds. Below is the setup i have and the steps I've already taken:


- Macbook pro 13 inch

- Google Chrome browser

- Stadia Pro

- Best visual quality

- PS4 controller

- WiFi extender in my room

Steps Taken:

- Set performance to balanced, didnt work, set it to best quality, didnt work

- Enabled hardware acceleration on Chrome

- Disabled location services on the macbook pro (Because i heard that was working for some people)

- tested my internet speed in my room on the computer, and its 398.1 Mbps

What else can i do? Am i missing anything? Or is this a common occurrence?

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You might want to turn off some of the location services on your Mac as described here. That helped for me.

In general it seems that most 'stuttering' and lag issues are caused by things outside of Chrome. More often than not by the OS itself doing a bit too much networking. There is a reason preferred stadia play is with Chromecast and the Stadia controller. 

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I did that actually.

so someone on reddit recommend that I use a usb-c to Ethernet adapter on my MacBook so I ordered one and am waiting for it to get in.

i turned off all location services, and the laptop is right next to my WiFi extender. Also, I timed it and the connection was dropping from excellent to fail every minute for 3 seconds.

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