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Stadia stuck on "Checking your connection..."

I've been trying to enjoy the free Stadia pro but I can't seem to launch any game.

Any game I try to boot up it just says "Checking your connection..." and after a few minutes it prompts me to re-open the game to play with the only option being OK which closes the game, I assume it timed out.

The ports of 44700 to 44899 are open, pop-ups are enabled, JavaScript is enabled. I've tried running without any chrome extensions or in incognito mode. I've tried with and without VPN. I've tried rebooting my system, turning of my firewall. Nothing seems to work.

This issue exists for all titles on my account. The issue also persists in the downloaded Stadia launcher. I do not own a chrome cast or chromebook to try it on. This is just on windows 10, I have the latest chrome version and my internet up and down is between 200 and 300 mbs.

I am honestly out of ideas at this point so if anyone has an idea I would much appreciate it.

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