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Stadia issues on my laptop

Hi all!

I have recently tried the Stadia demo and I am having some issues with it on my laptop. I try to run it on Chrome but it has a lot of input lag with both a Xbox controller and with a mouse and keyboard. The games also have some video lag. I have tried the app on my pixel 4xl and it runs almost perfectly. Stadia also runs perfectly on my brothers Surface Laptop, on the same wifi. So my question is why doesn't it run on my laptop? I have the latest version of Windows and Chrome and all of my driver's are up to date, if that affects anything.

For reference I have an I5-6200u XPS 13 9350.


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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide


Some things to try

1. Reset Chrome flags - go to the URL chrome://flags , select "Reset all to default", restart Chrome and try again.

2. Run Chrome and use an Incognito window and see if that helps, disable any extensions that might have been added.

3. Reduce refresh rate on mouse pointer (usually a feature on some mouse drivers).

4. Access Chrome flags and enable the feature "Enables pointer lock options".

If you have a Logitech mouse attached, then improvements have been reported by reducing the polling rate feature of the mouse driver too.

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