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Stadia Reconnect Very Slow

My current issue is that my internet connection is fairly unstable, due to having no access to an ethernet port.

I get disconnected around every five minutes or so. When I am disconnected for a brief moment, it is fine, but if I am disconnected for more than 5 seconds (usually due to my internet dropping), the game kicks me out of my party chat and game, and sends me a feedback form for my gaming session...

I have to refresh the entire page, and it usually takes me more than a half minute to refresh and reconnect, then I have to reconnect to the party chat separately.

I can never give any feedback about this issue because the feedback form is broken as well.

I just wanted to leave this post here, I think the resilience of Stadia reconnecting from Chrome should be improved. Disconnects of 5+ seconds should not log the user out of the service and force a complete refresh and reconnect, if possible. If there were some kind of keep-alive option where users with especially unstable connections could adjust the length of time before a complete logout happens, I think the resilience could be improved.

I really enjoy playing on Stadia, as my friends with potato computers (with no graphics cards) can enjoy the game with me, but I feel that improving the disconnect/reconnecting portion of Stadia could make the whole experience a lot more immersive. Thank you!

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