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Sometimes RDR2 goes wrong

A week ago that 2 months of Stadia Pro were given for free and I decided to try since I have a normal PC, LOL and little else, I tested the grid and it was perfect so I decided to buy the RDR2 which I really wanted to play after the vice to the first, the thing is that everything perfect about 5 hours plays in the first 3 days and everything perfectly fluid with both the keyboard and the remote. The thing is that now sometimes it is fatal to me, the guy takes a long time to react with the command or keyboard if I turn the buttons etc, and sometimes even the image jumps and my character appears elsewhere. I do not know if any or has happened and if you know how to fix it, I thought it was because of the Chrome advertising blocker since I tried removing the extensions, but I just tried and the same thing happens to me again. A little help PLS.

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Hi @Franute,

if this behavior happens, if you instantly start GRID, does this work at this particial moment as you intend?

Please checke your speed if this happens again:

Are you able to test it on another platform like an Android device or a TV using Chromecast Ultra?

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