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Reopen game to play

I'm trying to play Stadia over wifi with my chromebook (Pixelbook Go 4k Model). It takes about 30 seconds with a loading symbol in the lower left hand corner that doesn't give any information, then displays 'Reopen game to play'. This continuously happens regardless of how many times I reopen the game.

I'm creating this thread as a different issue from others because my friend who is sitting right next to me with a macbook air can play over wifi without any of the problems I am having.

I have also encountered this over ethernet from my chromebook but not as often and I can always start the game on my phone, then press the play button on my chromebook and it flawlessly starts (though resume is probably the better word) the stream.

My network speed is 180mbps down and 9.8mbps up. The network has full IPv6 support and has playable latency to the nearest Stadia server.

Here is what I've done;

  • Disable all extensions under chrome://extensions
  • Open stadia in a private tab
  • Allow all permissions for the site
  • Play wired (which usually works, though not 100%) which is very inconvenient
  • Powerwash my chromebook
  • Delete all chrome preferences

I have had stadia since November and have been putting up with these issues because I thought these were just teething pains, but after seeing my friend just casually pop open their Macbook Air on the couch and stream over wifi; I refuse to accept these issues any longer and so here we are. 

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After a few reboots until it worked (before then getting either reopen game or speed test failures), I had a great session. Closed the game and went to play another. Instantaneous connection failure. tried 6 times in a row. rebooted, got the reopen game to play problem. Decided to try two more times and it opened on the second try. Now streaming flawlessly over WiFi.

I'm not sure why it's so wishy washy but this is ridiculous. 

I've noticed that I can play any game first try on my phone with zero wait. I've gotten into the habit of launching the game on my phone, letting it run for a few minutes, then swapping it to my chromebook. I think I get a better chance of success this way.

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