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Pixalated. Everytime - on any device.



I love Stadia. I got the founders and everything - but 1440p blurriness on Chrome is so ridiculous with no solution I can find that it's almost unforgivable. Take a look at this screenshot on the pause screen - it's so pixalated that it's almost like I'm looking at a 720p upscaled image.


It's the same thing on the CCU - specially in dark places in games. Pixalization is so noticable that it's just downright bad. My internet is fine, business-class 250 down and 30 up. Network is fine, I work in IT and tested thoroughly before coming to this conclusion. Just to be sure, I bought a couple of different routers ( ended up returning most of them because it didn't solve my problems ), just stuck with a Orbi because it seemed to have the best output.
If anyone has a clear, focused image on Chrome in 1440p - how? How do you do it? Stadia+ does nothing, it's a placebo. Please give me a reason to continue to love Stadia because I'm trying real hard here.
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