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Noway to play with chrome


  • I have a fiber connection (up to 1Gbps but really it's 300/400 Mpbs)
  • I have no problem playing with chromecast and the Stadia controller on my TV

Instead on Chrome Stadia is unplayable. In the past Video quality is very bad but now is acceptable but inputs are very very delayed. 

I dont want play with chromecast because I want use keyboard and mouse on my pc. 

My PC is an old PC but still a 2.5ghz quad core with 8Gb of Ram and ATI 6800 Radeon video card with 1GB of Ram, still capable of performing video streaming such as Netflix and others very well. So excluding network problems that should affect also gaming on chromecast, I cannot understand the technical reason for why my PC suffer so much the Stadia Streaming.

the actions I took

  • disabled any firewall on router / PC 
  • run chrome in incognito mode
  • reduced video quality in the Stadia setting to 720p
  • changed DNS on the router to Google (  

any help is welcome



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What Operating System?

It seems like your CPU is close to limit for some reason. Can you check the process percentaje of your CPU use when you are running a game in Stadia?

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Hi Fenixian

thanks for reply. 

I'm using a windows 10 Pro 64  bit edition. Like you see in the attach, during a game session, the CPU percentage range from 50%-70%. In general I cannot see suffering hardware during a game session.

I can only suspect that the reason of these delay is that playing with the PC, my inputs does a longer way to reach the Stadia servers differing from a Stadia controller that is connect directly with the router. 


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Those percentages are very high for me. If your system is using hardware video acceleration your CPU should be lower ranges.

Do you have installed your video card drivers?

Are you forcing VP9 video decoding instead of H264?

Do you have antivirus? Have you tried shutting down?

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Try installing Canary version of Chrome. It helped me get better performance.

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