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Not able to stream game even with internet speeds meeting requirements

I consistently tested my network and it showed 70-100 MBPS connection. I have only tried to play SteamWorldDig2, which shouldn't require too much of a connection. Stadia was the only thing using the internet in the entire household at the time, and it could never play more than 30 seconds. 


Anyone else having this issue? Is it something with the Coronavirus issues going on?


Look forward to any help,

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I have the same issues here.  When I play with the controller in the living room or in my bedroom, the device works fine.  When I try to play in a browser however in my son's room, the controller states that my Internet Connection is poor.  However, I Speedtest at 902mbps down/932 mbps up at that computer.  Also, I can download with Steam on that PC with 90mb/s downloads that equate to about 920mbps speeds.  So I have no clue what the problem is on that computer.

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same problem on pc

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